Tuesday, 26 November 2013


St Andrew was open but dull. Despite the Welcome sign and it being open the reception here was one of open hostility: to the extent that when I took a photo of a window in the porch I was told to delete it as internals could only be taken with permission from headquarters; not only that but when I was loading my next destination into my TomTom my number plate was taken (not literally).

This was my 867th church and whilst I've met suspicion and doubts before I've never encountered downright hostility. Bemused by the reception, I did some online research into UCKG, whose church this is, and can only surmise that they thought I was a journalist; whatever the visit was a very unpleasant experience.

ST ANDREW, Barking Road and St Andrew’s Road: 1870 by Brooks. Vicarage 1871. Neo-E.E. with crossing tower (unfinished), vaulted inside, and large apse. Short circular piers with four attached shafts with shaftrings and foliated capitals. Clerestory with shafted arcade. To the N and S of the crossing side chapels screened off by double arches with outsize tracery a la Butterfield.

St Andrew

No mention by Mee.

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