Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Little Ilford

To be honest St Mary the Virgin, lnk, struck me as being an unloved dying church but I'm not sure why, although I imagine changing demographics contribute; nowadays evangelical, charismatic Christianity and the other major faiths reflect the multicultural diversity around here and I suspect the CoE is losing ground.

Having said that I liked it and the interior sounds interesting - an unsurprising shame to find it locked.

However my No1 church of the day - although strictly speaking it's a temple - was the Sri Murugan Temple just around the corner, which is stunning.

ST MARY, Church Road, Manor Park. The parish church of Little Ilford A small church and not impressive, though loveable. Nave with bell-turret, cemented. Chancel rebuilt 1724. Of the same date the Lethieullier Chapel containing the fine MONUMENTS to John Lethieullier d. 1737, Smart Lethieullier d. 1760, and his wife. The two latter are slender urns, the centre is held by the red marble sarcophagus of John. The whole placed against an architecture with Tuscan columns and a pediment. The nave is of the C12, as seen in one N window. - BRASSES. Thomas Heron d. 1517, schoolboy with ink-horn and pen-case. - William d. 1614 and Ann d. 1630 Hyde, the infant boy in swaddling clothes. - MONUMENT. William Waldegrave d. 1610 and wife, with kneeling figures; not large.

 St Mary the Virgin (2)

Sri Murugan Temple (2)

Mee doesn't appear to mention it.

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